Catholic League To Laura Ingraham: Drag Queen Story Hour Is “Child Abuse” And An Assault On Nature’s God

“This is child abuse. Let’s call it for what it is, and the people behind this — I want to make it clear — the average gay person is probably no more interested in this than the average straight person. And you know, I haven’t got enough gays in this country, if they lined up single file, to pull this kind of eroticization of our society together. No, you couldn’t do it without the help of an awful lot of straight people.

“Almost all of them are straight people. They may be guided by gay activists, and there’s a difference between a gay activist and a person who’s not an activist, obviously, and those are the ones that I’m talking about. But this is an attempt, basically it’s an assault on nature and on nature’s God.

“That’s what it’s really about. It’s about the family of course, and everything else, and they’re using radical individualism as their spear, but it’s basically an assault on nature. They’re trying to deny the existence of nature, that there are fundamental, profound differences between men and women rooted not in culture, but in nature, and that’s what we’re up against.” – Catholic League president Bill Donohue, speaking on Laura Ingraham’s podcast.

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