BROOKLYN: Haters Descend On Drag Queen Story Hour, Scream Abuse About “Mental Disorders” And Jesus

The Brooklyn Eagle reports:

Supporters and opponents of the Gerritsen Beach Library’s premier Drag Queen Story Hour clashed Thursday as performer Angel Elektra read to children inside. As the Gerritsen Avenue branch of the Brooklyn Public Library began advertising its first local installment of the story hour, outraged neighbors started pushing a flyer of their own.

The leaflet – seen scattered throughout Gerritsen Beach as well as posted to various neighborhood Facebook groups – called for protesters to convene at the branch one hour prior to Thursday’s event, through to its scheduled end at 3 p.m. Objectors argued that the “tax-payer funded attack on our babies” aimed to “groom children into the transgender lifestyle.”

Anti-DQSH organizer Tag – a local father who spoke to the Brooklyn Eagle prior to the event but declined to give his last name, said, “I just don’t want my children around this guy. You have to hate these children if you want to encourage this sort of mental disorder.”

The Brooklyn Paper reports:

“I was rather appalled by it simply because I really feel that it is not just a diversity issue but a morality issue,” said James Bickle. “It’s especially bad because it’s an indoctrination of little children.”

“Parents should at least be confronted with the truth. They don’t know what they’re doing to these little kids,” he said. “It’s perverting them. It’s unnatural.”

“I would also have a problem if it were a gay person. And it’s not that I hate gay people. I actually have compassion for them, and I want to help them out this lifestyle,” he said. “I think its a choice.”