British Trump Cultist Slashes Trump Blimp [VIDEO]

A British woman whose Twitter handle is Based Amy has filmed herself stalking up to the famed Trump Baby Blimp and slashing it with something, cutting herself in the process.

As she fled the scene, she screamed at the blimp’s handlers, “That’s a disgrace! It’s a national disgrace! The president of the United States is the best president ever! Shame on you! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”

Reaching a group of fellow cultists, she boasted, “You better go check out Donald Trump’s balloon. I think it’s not very well. I think it’s going down rapidly for a reason. It’s going down, baby. I’m bleeding quite badly.”

Moments later, constables arrive to slap the handcuffs on Amy, with her shouting, “Be careful, please. I’m disabled. Be careful! I’m not dangerous! Look at the police, the police are coming after me! Stop it!”

She then recites the arresting officer’s badge number and threatens to sue him if he breaks her phone. “Hey, America! Help me! These people are assaulting me!”

Based Amy has a long history of live-streaming at far-right protests and has apparently been arrested multiple times.