Alex Jones Settles Lawsuit From Pepe The Frog Creator

Vice News reports:

Pepe the Frog will no longer face Alex Jones in court. Jones and his lawyers have settled with Pepe creator Matt Furie. Furie sued Jones for copyright infringement because InfoWars used an image of Pepe in a poster it sold during the 2016 election.

The two were set to go to trial next month, but reached a settlement Monday. InfoWars agreed to pay Furie $15,000. The poster depicted a group prominent election personalities—including Roger Stone and Donald Trump. Pepe hovered over Jones himself and to the right of YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson.

Infowars, of course, has its own spin:

Although the media attempted to hype the case by accusing Alex Jones of contributing to the notion of the Pepe meme as a symbol of white supremacy, the cartoon frog was actually just a small part of the original poster, which featured numerous other iconic images linked to the 2016 Trump campaign.

The corporate press will undoubtedly frame this as a victory for Furie. It wasn’t. The result clearly represents a strategic victory for Alex Jones.

The Pepe creator and his legal team – Hillary Clinton’s law firm – were looking for a jury trial and over $2 million dollars in damage, but ended up with a relatively tiny settlement. Jones also saved hundreds of thousands in potential legal fees.