Alabama Senate Race: Roy Moore Vs Jeff Sessions?

NBC News reports:

Multiple other Republican candidates have announced their own bids for the state’s Republican nomination to take on Jones in 2020. Moore told NBC News: “If people want them, they’ll elect them. But I have a strong base here. And they’ll elect me.”

He said the potential addition of Jeff Sessions, who served as senator from Alabama prior to being tapped as Trump’s first attorney general, would not lead him to exit the race.

“I don’t step aside for anybody when I’m running,” Moore said, adding: “I love Jeff Sessions. He’s a friend. I respect him. If he wants to get in the race, let him get in the race. I don’t have any problem with it.”

Right wingers are begging Sessions to seek his old seat and save the Senate for Trump. From Townhall:

Run, Jeff, Run! Please. All energy needs to be defending the president, pushing his achievements, and easily defending the rest of the 2020 GOP Senate map, which is pretty stable.

That could go awry if that race becomes nationalized with Moore’s antics and a rehashing of his cruising days through malls. Remember Todd Akin? Do we want to risk that again next year? Akin was a plague on the GOP in 2012 for his moronic remarks about rape.

For Moore, we saw what happens when the race is nationalized. He loses. The party is forced into a no-win situation, the only difference in 2020, is that the fallout could spread all over. We don’t need that.