Zircon And Burlap: Nancy Pelosi Slurs Her Words And She Looks Like A “Non-Functioning Alcoholic” [VIDEO]

Mediate reports:

Fox & Friends did the right thing Friday morning in swiftly correcting the record after Fox Nation hosts and frequent Fox News guests Diamond & Silk made remarkably disparaging remarks about Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Co-host Steve Doocy marked a new era in their relationship, noting that Trump has finally given Pelosi a nickname, “calling her Crazy Nancy.”

Lynnette “Diamond Hardaway” answered with “Well, listen, we are all questioning her mental capacity.” Rochelle “Silk” Richardson followed up with “She always looks like she is a non-functioning alcoholic and she slurs her words and rambling over her words. What I don’t understand this lady is almost 80 years old, one of the most powerful women in the world.”

After the segment ended, Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy said, “Experts believe the original video was slowed down to 75% from the original and that her pitch was manipulated in order to present her under the influence. Not a real video. It’s doctored. All right.”