WISCONSIN: State GOP Maxed Out Credit Card And Missed Insurer Payments In Failed Bid To Save Walker

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

The state Republican Party fell so far behind financially in recent months that it missed payments to insurers and racked up nearly $600 a month in interest on a maxed-out credit card, according to a draft of an internal report.

The review, commissioned by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson and other top Wisconsin Republicans in the wake of statewide losses in 2018, also showed the party was “recklessly reliant” on consultants, some of whom made more than $500,000 doing routine work for the party.

The report is meant to steer the party in a new direction after Gov. Scott Walker and every other Wisconsin Republican running for statewide office lost in November. Johnson, whose Senate term runs through 2022, has become the de facto head of the state party now that he is the only Republican to hold statewide office.