UK Spent £318 On LGBT Rights In Northern Ireland

Britain’s Channel 4 reports:

Two years ago Prime Minister Theresa May gave Ruth Davidson a promise. The UK government would use its influence to advance LGBT rights in Northern Ireland – despite considering Gay Marriage and Abortion to be devolved issues. That promise helped secure Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson’s decision to back Theresa May’s £1 billion deal with the Democratic Unionists, who are staunch opponents of gay marriage and abortion.

Now, a Freedom of Information request by Channel 4 News reveals that the government’s Northern Ireland Office has so far spent just £318 on advancing LGBT right, paying for rainbow-coloured lanyards. For the friends of the murdered journalist Lyra McKee, herself a prominent LGBT campaigner, this has provoked shock and anger. Talking to Channel 4 News they say they feel “worthless” by this revelation and that they believe absolutely nothing has been achieved to advance gay rights in Northern Ireland.