Tens Turn Out For Allegedly Ex-Gay “Freedom March”

Following a 2018 event that drew tens of alleged ex-gays, yesterday’s second annual “Freedom March” in Washington DC exploded their attendance by, well, tens.

After scanning their shaky, blurry, three-hour live stream (the cameraman was speaking in tongues, for real), I counted around 70 attendees, although it was difficult at times to discern the nutjobs from passersby.

The far-right Charisma News, of course, is claiming that attendance was in the “hundreds.” I’m pretty sure Jesus has a rule about lying, but whatever.

Meanwhile, there’s this from our pal Wayne Besen:

Truth Wins Out released a powerful new online ad today featuring a former ex-lesbian leader who criticized conversion therapy on the eve of the May 25 “ex-gay” Freedom March in Washington, DC. Yvette Cantu Schneider, featured in the ad, had previously worked as a policy analyst for the Family Research Council, served as Director of Women’s Ministry for the now defunct Exodus International and spoke at Focus on the Family’s now closed “ex-gay” road show Love Won Out.

“I think the Freedom March is exactly the opposite of freedom,” Cantu Schneider said in Truth Wins Out’s ad. “Because you are actually becoming imprisoned by expectations that other people have for you. I’ve never seen anyone change from gay-to-straight, ever. I would just implore anyone who is thinking of joining an ‘ex-gay’ group not to do it. Instead of being free to be who you are, you’re being forced to be someone that you’re not.”

Cantu Schneider continued, “I was the director of women’s ministry for Exodus International. You know what I spent my time doing? Dealing with leaders in ‘ex-gay’ ministries who were having sex with the people who were coming to them for help. And that’s when I knew if the leaders, the people who have been chosen to be leaders, aren’t changing, no one is changing.”

Bolding above is mine.