TAP TAP TAP: Is This Here Website Thingy On?

Hello, old friends. Let’s try this again, shall we? Rather obviously, the last couple of days have been a nightmare on wheels as your beleaguered host and his tireless tech team have battled a malicious malware attack that essentially forced a rewrite of this here website thingy.

As I may have made clear in the past, my knowledge of coding is fairly close to zero, so when Dan and Russ hold forth on Apache and SQL and PHP and SSH and DNS and propagation and nameservers and whatever, I can only cross my eyes and continue pacing a rut into the floor behind my desk.

Speaking of nameservers, which are apparently an actual thing, we have a new one or something, which is a big part of why this has taken so long. Because propagation. And demons. Definitely demons.

Huge thanks to Dan, Russ, and our new malware expert in Argentina, Matt. Please extend them your pity for enduring my endless emails and text messages. I tend to overdo it when JMG is in crisis. They’re still tinkering with this repair job, so please continue to be patient.

I very much appreciate your kind and supportive emails during the Great JMG Blackout. You truly kept me from putting my fist through the wall.

And fuck the idiots that did this to us. Fuck them right in the motherfucking ear.