Sean Hannity: Maybe Hillary Clinton Colluded With China To Leak Trump’s Taxes To The NY Times [VIDEO]

“Subpoenas, threats of contempt, calls for impeachment of pretty much everyone, and oh yeah, obsessive hysteria over decades-old tax documents that reveal nothing new and absolutely nothing illegal — and the media’s going nuts again. Oh, that’s right, because Mueller didn’t come out the way they want, let’s move onto the next conspiracy theories.

“And speaking of which, maybe Hillary Clinton colluded with China to release them, because she said ‘China, hope you’re listening, release the tax returns,’ and there they are in The New York Times.

“I know facts are hard things for some people on the left and the media mob to understand, Donald Trump’s still a billionaire. Yeah, he’s still president. We all knew that — what happened in New Jersey in the casino business, yeah, it kind of went south, businesses fail every day. The Trump organization is still an overwhelming American success story, but this kind of vitriol just represents what the Democratic Party has become.” – Sean Hannity.