Right Wing Activist Dennis Prager: College Will Likely Only Alienate Your Children From America And Jesus

“Most Americans are not aware how morally and intellectually destructive American colleges — and, increasingly, high schools and even elementary schools — have become. So, they spend tens of thousands after-tax dollars to send their sons and daughters to college.

“But today, to send your child to college is to play Russian roulette with their values. There is a good chance your child will return from college alienated from you, from America, from Western civilization and from whatever expression of any Bible-based religion in which you raised your child.

“Other than Hillsdale and a handful of other colleges and religious colleges, the American university has become nothing more than a left-wing seminary. Buyer beware.” – Right wing activist Dennis Prager.

Visit Prager’s Wikipedia page of an exhaustive listing of all the things and all the people that he hates. It’s what Jesus would want. His YouTube channel has over two million subscribers.

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