Pompeo: US Will “Fortify” Military Presence In Arctic

Politico reports:

Donald Trump has finally found an international organization he likes — a highly select club whose members preside over a frozen wasteland atop the world.

The Trump administration will throw a spotlight this week on America’s presence in the Arctic, a region the president’s team sees as “an arena of global power and competition,” as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will put it in a speech Monday in Finland.

“Just because the Arctic is a place of wilderness does not mean it should become a place of lawlessness,” he’ll say, according to advance excerpts obtained by POLITICO. “Under President Trump, we are fortifying America’s security and diplomatic presence” in the Arctic, Pompeo will declare.

Pompeo claims that Russia and China are aggressively moving to exploit natural resources in the Arctic, something Politico notes they are now able to do because of melting ice. But climate change is a hoax.