Pastor Robert Jeffress: We Lost The Battle On Marriage But We Can Still Rescue Homosexuals From Deception

From the AFA’s OneNewsNow:

The battle for marriage is over – and conservatives lost. That’s the frank assessment of one evangelical leader who says the fight now is to rescue people one at a time from deception.

“I think a proper reading of culture right now is to understand that we have lost the war over ‘gay marriage,’ at least in the culture,” Jeffress tells OneNewsNow. “There is no reason to refight that war [or] to think that somehow we’re going to make gay marriage illegal.”

“I think we need to certainly be conviction-driven, but we also need to be compassion-driven in what we say,” he responds. “We’re not trying to win an argument – we’re trying to win another person.”

Like Franklin Graham and Tony Perkins, Jeffress has publicly excused Trump’s adultery, recently claiming that any Christian who doesn’t support him is like a German who didn’t fight the Nazis. Seriously.