NYC Councilman Ruben Diaz Rages During City’s Sexual Harassment Seminar, Screams He Won’t Be A “Rat”

The New York Daily News reports:

He may be a misogynist, but he’s no snitch. Bronx Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. interrupted a mandatory City Council sensitivity session on Wednesday by loudly vowing never to report sexual harassment, lest he be a “rat,” several lawmakers in attendance told the Daily News.

“He just started screaming and shouting out: ‘So we’re supposed to be rats? That’s a rat!’” one Council member recalled, pointing out the lawmakers are supposed to call the body’s Equal Employment Opportunity officer if such an incident occurs.

“It was so f—ing insane,” one Council member said. “I used to think he was crazy or that he was a religious zealot, I now actually believe that he’s a fundamentally bad human being.”

Diaz earned national headlines earlier this year for claiming that the Council is secretly “controlled by homosexuals.”

He tells the Daily News that sexual harassment seminars are similar to Gestapo tactics, adding that sometimes “sexual harassment is a compliment.” Seriously.

Last month Diaz launched his 2020 campaign for the US House, calling himself “the opposite of AOC in the South Bronx.” He is running to succeed Democratic Rep. Jose Serrano, who is not seeking reelection.

RELATED: As longtime JMG readers will recall, during New York state’s battle for same-sex marriage I reported on then state Sen. Rubin Diaz many, many times for his near-daily vicious attacks on LGBT rights. Diaz partnered with NOM for multiple anti-LGBT marches through the streets of New York City (my video below), marches that were attended by thousands of Hispanic evangelicals thanks to Diaz’s partnership with a local Spanish-language Christian radio station. Diaz also boasted that he sent 100 buses of supporters to one of NOM’s hate marches in Washington DC. Diaz is fond of comparing homosexuality to bestiality. At his 2011 march in the Bronx, one of his speakers, a local preacher, declared that gays are “worthy of death.”