NRA Issues Money Beg: We Are The Most Successful Civil Rights Group In The History Of The United States

“The battle for the soul of this nation has to be won. We have no choice but to win. So today I declare this: you are either with us or against us. The NRA fights for all our freedoms, protecting the Second [Amendment] first, because once the Second is gone, they all implode. That’s why they come after us. That’s why they pounce on the NRA like hyenas feeding off prey. They want us destroyed. The only problem is, we aren’t prey and we can’t be destroyed.

“So here is the reality, the NRA wins, the NRA is the most successful civil rights group in the history of this nation. They can kick and scream about how we get it done. They can try to make all of us, the members, look bad. But in the end, we do get it done. We always have and always will. To feed this machine, of course, takes money. It is a massive engine that runs on all pistons firing. The NRA’s winning record cannot be disputed.” – NRA host Grant Stinchfield.