Mayor Pete Features On Cover Of Out‘s Pride Issue

From Out Magazine‘s annual LGBT Pride issue:

Buttigieg is nobody’s radical, but he doesn’t quite represent the presidential status quo either. For all the ways that Buttigieg resembles the bulk of our white, male, Ivy League-educated presidents past, he stands out as a gay man — one who came out in the middle of his 2015 mayoral re-election campaign and went on to win with 80 percent of the vote.

For many Americans, this lends the Indiana mayor’s presidential campaign an exciting kind of historic potential — which is not lost on him.

“Equality, to me, looks like a world where [a gay presidential candidate is] not newsworthy,” Buttigieg tells me. “But I get that it is. I understand the importance and the sort of historic quality that could be attached to [my campaign] and the change that it represents.”

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