Liberty Counsel: Equality Act Will Force Churches To Host Same-Sex Weddings, Criminalize Ex-Gay Books

Via press release from hate group leader Mat Staver: 

Today Liberty Counsel, along with its sister organization Liberty Counsel Action, is delivering more than 48,000 petitions to the U.S. Senate in opposition to the dangerous and deceptively misnamed “Equality Act.” And it’s not too late for you to sign, too! We’ll continue to fight the intentionally misnamed “Equality Act” until we have driven a stake through its heart and it is six feet under. For that reason, I invite you to sign our “Stop the Attack on Religious Liberty” petition NOW!

I spoke a few days ago with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on Huckabee, his popular weekly TV program that airs nationally on TBN. The Governor nailed it right at the outset when he declared that HR 5, the so-called “Equality Act,” elevates personal sexual choice and gender identity to a superior status. In other words, it puts LGBT rights above our First Amendment protected religious freedom. And there is NO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION in this bill. That has some very dire consequences.

Under this radical law: Churches would be forced to host same-sex ceremonies, churches would be forced to hire staff involved in LGBT conduct, cross-dressers could demand that they be Sunday School teachers, those who share their own story of finding freedom in Christ from homosexuality in a book or speaking engagement would be committing a criminal act.

Today’s press release includes six links to Liberty Counsel’s donation page. Other hate groups have claimed that the Equality Act will legalize pedophilia, incest, prostitution, and necrophilia. The bill passed in the US House earlier this month by a unanimous vote of Democrats. It has little chance of advancing in the US Senate.