IL Rep. Dan Lipinski Reverses, Will Vote For Equality Act, Is Only House Democrat Not To Co-Sponsor Bill

The Hill reports:

Rep. Daniel Lipinski (Ill.), a centrist Democrat facing a liberal primary challenge, announced Wednesday that he will vote for legislation to expand civil protections for LGBT people despite his concerns that it could conflict with religious liberty.

Lipinski is the only House Democrat not to co-sponsor the Equality Act, which is expected to hit the floor later this week for a vote. That had drawn criticism from his primary challenger, Marie Newman, who is seeking a rematch after narrowly losing to Lipinski last year by 2 points.

In a speech on the House floor on Wednesday, Lipinski said that he would vote for the bill but wants religious liberty concerns to be addressed before it becomes law.

In 2015, Lipinski was the only House Democrat to co-sponsor the so-called First Amendment Defense Act, which would legalize anti-LGBT discrimination nationwide. His 2018 GOP challenger was literal Nazi and Holocaust denier Arthur Jones.