Hate Group: Mayor Pete Could “Boldly Sin” His Way Into The White House Due To “Homosexual Privilege”

“I would submit the real problem today, in our culture and in our politics, is not, in fact, white privilege but homosexual privilege. Despite their constant claims to martyrdom and victimhood, homosexuals have an entire array of privileges and powers that are based exclusively on their private sexual preferences, and they are privileges and powers that normal people do not possess.

“Homosexuals must be catered to by wedding vendors and be catered to in housing and employment, or those who refuse to cater to them will be demonized, vilified, and sued until they’re broke or out of business. Today homosexuals belong to the most pampered, protected, favored, privileged demographic in all of America.

“Homosexuality was once rightly known as ‘the love that dare not speak its name.’ Those days are long gone. Now it is not a career-killer but a resume enhancer. Due to the decaying morals of the Republic, we have now made it possible for a man to boldly sin his way right into the White House.” – Hate group radio host Bryan Fischer, writing about Mayor Pete for the AFA’s OneNewsNow.