Hate Coalition: Mayor Pete Represents The “Kill Shot” And Proverbial Death Blow To Christianity In America

Via press release from Christian Newswire:

The culmination of the culture wars has now turned to redefining Christianity. The LGBTQ community has used media, entertainment, and the law to codify their view of sexuality. They have convinced Americans that the homosexual lifestyle is normal and an acceptable practice in the public square. They have, in effect, successfully introduced a neo-morality into the culture.

Mayor Pete represents the “kill shot” launch by the gay community to now re-define Christianity. This neo-Christianity is made out of their feelings into their image. Pete Buttigieg is the face of their new theology. Buttigieg claims that “God made me this way.” An incredible claim in light of the fact the Bible teaches homosexuality is a sin. However, this claim is far more dangerous and sinister than it appears.

This is clearly a re-definition of Christianity, the proverbial death blow to Christianity as we know it in America. Some would say what’s being said is hyperbole; however, we cannot look at this from the point of view of mature Christians, but rather from the point of view of low information Christians, cultural Christians without the depth of knowledge or biblical training that would help them see “fake Christianity” for what it is — a feeling based deception.

The above is from Gone2Far, a relatively new coalition of familiar anti-LGBT extremists Scott Lively, Peter LaBarbera, Brian Camenker, alleged ex-gay Stephen Black, and a gaggle of hater nobodies you’ve never heard of. They recently appeared on JMG for their demand that icky gays give them back “God’s rainbow.”