GOP Florida Gov Holds “Ceremonial” Cabinet Meeting In Jerusalem Despite Lawsuit By Florida News Outlets

Courthouse News reports:

The Miami Herald and others sued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his cabinet on Tuesday, claiming their planned meeting in Jerusalem on Wednesday will violate the open-meetings provision of the state’s Sunshine Law.

The Tampa Bay Times, Gannett, and Gatehouse Media joined the Herald and the First Amendment Foundation in opposing the cabinet meeting planned for the U.S. Embassy in Israel. They claim the short notice and distance from Florida severely limits the public’s ability to attend.

The lawsuit in Leon County Court seeks an emergency injunction to stop the meeting, or alternatively, declare the meeting and any decisions made there unlawful.

The meeting took place anyway:

A long historic day took Gov. Ron DeSantis from the trade shows of Tel Aviv to an industrial park in the disputed Judean Hills of the West Bank to the cradle of Judaism and Christianity for a ceremonial meeting of the Florida Cabinet.

At every stop along the way he worked to further polish his bona fides as the most pro-Israel U.S. governor by pushing a conservative agenda that promotes open trade, condemns boycotts and criticism of Israel, and outlaws anti-Semitism in schools.

The ultimate coup would be a hoped-for meeting Thursday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in a tough battle to stay in power following recent elections that forced him to create a coalition government.