Franklin Graham: Bill Clinton Could Have Stopped The Rwandan Genocide If He Wasn’t Impeached [AUDIO]

Scamvangelist Franklin Graham appeared on Tony Perkins’ radio show yesterday to promote his coming “national day of prayer” against Trump’s enemies, which now has over 250 sponsors of the usual nutjob variety.

The conversation digressed into the renewed calls to impeach Trump, leading Graham to declare that if Bill Clinton hadn’t been impeached, he could have stopped the infamous Rwandan genocide in which as many as one million were killed.

Take it away, Right Wing Watch:

In his comments on Clinton, Graham appeared to be trying to make the case that Democrats shouldn’t impeach Trump. “And so that impeachment process should have never happened with Bill Clinton. What he did was wrong, but it should’ve never had an impeachment—it distracted the country,” Graham said.

“We had Rwanda at that time, the massacre, the president was sidetracked, he was not paying attention, and he was trying to pray for his survival. And that’s what happens when the president gets distracted.” And yet, that would have been chronologically impossible. The Rwandan genocide happened in 1994. Clinton wasn’t impeached until 1998.

Tony Perkins jumped in to declare that had Clinton not been impeached, he also could have stopped Osama bin Laden. In fact, and as the above-linked report notes, Clinton’s air strikes on bin Laden were denounced by Republicans as a ploy to avoid impeachment. And then there’s Franklin Graham’s own 1998 Wall Street Journal op-ed supporting Clinton’s impeachment. Once again we see that there’s no hypocrite like an evangelical hypocrite.