Fox Analyst: Mueller’s Statement Is “180 Degrees” From Bill Barr’s, Not Good News For Trump [VIDEO]

The Washington Examiner reports:

Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano accused Attorney General William Barr of glossing over special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings in the Russia investigation.

“Why did Bob Mueller take to the microphones today? I don’t know, but this was not good news for the president because he’s ginned up all the Democrats to believe there must be a there there.

“And it was a parting shot at his soon-to-be former boss Bill Barr, who basically whitewashed what Mueller said in the four-page summary he distributed back in March,” Napolitano said Wednesday.

The Week reports:

Napolitano also said that the White House “can’t be happy” about Mueller’s statement because he “opened up a can of worms of Democrats yet again” by suggesting Trump only wasn’t charged with a crime “because he’s the president.”

Trump isn’t the only one coming out of this press conference looking bad, though. Napolitano described Mueller’s statement as being a “parting shot” at Attorney General William Barr, noting that Mueller’s statement is “far harsher” than anything Barr has said and is “hurtful” to the attorney general.

Mediaite reports:

“This statement is 180 degrees from the 4-page statement Bill Barr issued at the time he first saw the report,” Napolitano added. “Is it that bad?” Fox Business host Stuart Varney asked. “I think so,” Napolitano said.

He even said there’s fodder for the Democrats when it comes to the “conspiracy side,” because “he didn’t say there was no conspiracy, he just said we were not able to establish it beyond a reasonable doubt.”