Far-Right Troll Jacob Wohl Busted As The Organizer Of “Leftist Mob Protest” Against Far-Right Troll Jacob Wohl

Mediaite reports:

Conservative activist Jack Burkman tweeted Tuesday morning that he’s expecting “hundreds of leftist protestors” to gather outside an upcoming press conference he’ll be holding with fellow far-right troll Jacob Wohl.

In a development that should surprise no one familiar with the hoaxster duo’s theatrics, the Eventbrite post Burkman shared turned out to be registered under an email address used by Wohl himself. The now-deleted event, dubbed “Protest Against Homophobic Bigots,” listed no official organizers on its public page.

At tomorrow’s press conference, Tweedledork and Tweedledickwad plan to prove that their sexual assault claims against Mayor Pete are, like, totally real. Immense self-owning will surely ensue.