Falwell: There Are No Compromising Photos Of Me

Yesterday Reuters reported that Michael Cohen recorded a phone call with Jerry Falwell Jr. in which the evangelical leader pleaded for help in destroying “racy” personal photos that should be “kept between a husband and wife.” Falwell has run to Todd Starnes to deny the story:

“This report is not accurate,” Falwell said. “There are no compromising or embarrassing photos of me. While we have a long-standing friendship with Michael Cohen, we never engaged or paid Cohen to represent us in any legal or other professional capacity, and Cohen did not ever resolve any legal matter on our behalf,” Falwell said.

Later, Cohen reportedly helped persuade Falwell to endorse Trump just before the Iowa caucuses. In other words, the report insinuates Falwell might have been pressured to back Trump. However, Falwell actually had a long-standing relationship with Trump. In 2012 he was invited to speak at Liberty University’s Convocation.

Cohen reportedly kept one of the photos.