Daily Beast Exposes Yet Another Jacob Wohl Scam

Will Sommer reports at The Daily Beast:

Bumbling conservative provocateur Jacob Wohl pitched investors this spring on a scheme to use fraudulent news stories to manipulate political betting markets, according to a fundraising document obtained by The Daily Beast.

The document indicates that Wohl attempted to raise $1 million to fund the Arlington Center for Political Intelligence, which he claimed would “make shit up” to profit from bets on political races and would suppress Democratic turnout in 2020.

“Backers will use ACPI’s insights in order to place profitable bets on political outcomes,” the pitch reads, adding that the group would also place bets themselves to guarantee a source of revenue.

Hit the link for much more on how the scam was supposed to work. Wohl and his co-conspirator Jack Burkman continue to claim that Mayor Pete’s accuser first came to them.