Connecticut Radio Station Rebrands As “Trump 103.3”

The Hartford Courant reports:

Few people work harder than Donald Trump when it comes to self promotion, but now Connecticut radio station WDRC is doing it for him, rebranding itself as “Trump Radio.”

The station’s brass is touting the new “ultra conservative talk” format — which is expected to be temporary — as the “brave new voice of freedom.” The station’s lineup includes Lee Elci, Brad Davis, Mike Gallagher, commentary from Bill O’Reilly and Ben Shapiro.

Jonathan Faber, a legal expert on trademarks and the right to publicity whose clients have included the descendants of Babe Ruth and Vince Lombardi, said the station could run into problems with its commercial use of Trump’s name.

Meanwhile three Florida radio stations are playing two minutes of Trump speeches every hour and say they’ll do that until election day.