Christian Site: Pray That God’s Appointed President’s “Ears Become Deaf To The Assaults From His Enemies”

Charisma News, the site best known here for its anti-witchcraft tutorials, its claim that the lifespan of gays is shortened by 20 years, its warning that burning breakfast eggs can summon demons, and its declaration that yoga is white witchcraft, today has a suggested prayer for Sunday’s national day of prayer against Trump’s enemies. An excerpt:

Heavenly Father, We come today as the body of Christ in this nation, to lift up our president, Donald J. Trump. As many voices rise up against this one You have set into office, we lift up our voices, with one heart and mind, to stand in agreement with heaven’s purposes concerning our nation (Ps. 133). We stand by this president who has declared this nation to be under God’s rule and authority and acknowledge righteousness and justice to be the foundations of Your throne (Ps. 89:14).

We declare that he will rule in this midst of his enemies, not backing down or wavering due to threats or intimidation (Ps. 110:1-2). May his ears become deaf to the assaults from his enemies and may those who seek his life answer to You for their wicked ways. May he know that it is Your hand and Your sovereign purpose that is keeping him and sustaining him in his divine commission (Ps. 38:12-15, 18).

The above was authored by Intercessors For America “field correspondent” Wanda Alger [photo]. That nutbag outfit is best known here as the home of wackadoodle “prophet” Cindy Jacobs, who last appeared on JMG in early 2018 when she declared that God would destroy Kim Jong-Un that very year unless he converted to Christianity. Whoops!