Christian Site: Obama’s “Home Country” Sends Gays To Prison, Which The US Doesn’t “Have The Guts To Do”

From Liberty Counsel radio host Matt Barber’s BarbWire:

No, the birther issue was NEVER settled [sic] Obama’s ‘official’ birth certificate was proven to be a fraud. Furthermore, the people in a small Kenyan village still claim that their hamlet is what [sic] Barack Hussein Obama was born.

Even though Obama did more than just support gay marriage and gay sex, he pushed it to special and preferential treatment over the normal and acceptable standards that America held for over 2 centuries.

In a landmark case that went before the Kenyan Supreme Court, a law that bans gay sex and establishes a punishment of up to 14 years in prison, was upheld by the high court. To put it bluntly, the Supreme Court of Kenya had the guts to do what the Supreme Court of the United States failed to do.

The above-quoted post has no listed author. The headline reads “Obama’s Home Country Upholds Ban on Gay Sex.” No link because fuck those guys.