Christian Radio Host: Weak Straight People Let Radical Homosexuals Take Over The Terms Husband And Wife

“You have a homosexual – a radical homosexual – running for president, and no one seems to care, no one is rebuking him. And he even flaunts his so-called husband with no shame, kissing him in public, and people applaud like its real. They call a man ‘husband’ like it’s real. It’s shocking. Now they’re outwardly calling two men ‘husbands’ and two women ‘wives’ and the straight people are calling their relationships ‘partners.’

“The radical homosexuals started out calling their phony relationships ‘partners,’ and they convinced the straight people, ‘Don’t say girlfriend or boyfriend or fiance or husband or wife, say partner.’ And so the straight people — weak as they can be—said, ‘OK.’ Now they’re called partners while the homosexuals have taken over terms ‘husbands’ and ‘wives.’ It’s mind-blowing. It’s just hard to believe.” – Jesse Lee Peterson, on his radio show.

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