Christian Activist Randall Terry: My Donations Shriveled Because I Attacked Mayor Pete But I Won’t Be Stopping

Anti-LGBT nutbag Randall Terry last appeared on JMG in Satan costume as a Mayor Pete stand-in gleefully lashed a man dressed as Jesus Christ. In today’s money beg, Terry makes in an interesting revelation:

When we went after Islam – exposing it for what it is, using Muhammad’s own words – we lost nearly 2/3rds of our support base. They just stopped giving. Period. They “paid me” to fight child-killing, not to expose Islam, and not to warn people to the threat we face. So they stopped giving. But I knew I had to do it, so I did. I would do it again, and I will keep doing it.

Similarly…I have a lot of supporters who do NOT want to fight so-called “homosexual marriage.” And when we went after Pete Buttigieg, sadly, we saw a DROP in contributions. That grieves me deeply, because I believe homosexuality matters to greatly to God, and clearly is critical in His Law.

It is a sin that “cries for vengeance,” yet many of our leaders – political and religious – are embracing and promoting it. And it is a sin that could cost men and women their eternal souls…which is terrifying and grievous.

I had hoped more people would see the danger of Buttilieg, and give, but sadly, many did not. People vote with their pocketbooks…a lot of people voted “no” on me going after Buttigieg, like they voted “no” on me exposing Muhammad and Islam. But I know I am doing the right thing.

Despite claiming to be broke due in part to his anti-LGBT crusade, Terry say he plans to continue his hate crusade against Mayor Pete during upcoming campaign stops in Texas. Hit the link for the full “woe is me” fake drama.

RELATED: Randall Terry advocates for the criminalization of all forms of birth control. In 2004 his adopted son Jamiel came out in an Out Magazine essay, prompting Terry to blame Jamiel’s gayness on his birth parents. Jamiel died in a car accident in 2011. One of Terry’s daughters has converted to Islam and another was reportedly banned from his home after two pregnancies before the age of 18. Terry himself was thrown out of his longtime church after divorcing his wife of 19 years and marrying his then-25 year-old assistant. He ran for president in 2012 and was awarded two convention delegates after winning eleven Oklahoma counties in the Democratic primary.