Ark Encounter: Stop Saying That We Were Flooded

A few days ago the Ark Encounter earned mocking headlines nationwide after they sued their insurer for refusing to cover “rain damage” to their washed out access road. So of course, they’re pissed about that.

By now you may have read some fake headlines or watched TV coverage about the Ark Encounter today that reported something similar to this headline on the Washington Post’s website: “Lawsuit: Flood damage at Noah’s Ark attraction in Kentucky.”

There has NOT been a flood at our Ark Encounter themed attraction. Just some ongoing rain, two years ago, that caused a hillside to erode — but no flood! That’s all. And the ship was not affected. The Ark itself does not sit next to the damaged areas. The Ark was built on bedrock and was never in jeopardy.

Hemant Mehta weighs in at The Friendly Atheist:

Dan Phelps, a professional geologist and president of the Kentucky Paleontological Society, has long been a critic of the Ark. He told me yesterday that this rain-induced landslide is a “textbook quality” consequence of “building on the shales of the Kope Formation,” which any “competent geologist” could have told them.

In other words, Ken Ham had to know he was building on land where this kind of damage could occur. What else was he expecting? That doesn’t mean he has no legal case, but if the folks at Ark Encounter are surprised this happened, it’s just further evidence they don’t know much about science or have access to anyone who does.