WISCONSIN: State Supreme Court Candidate Declares Victory, Said Legal Homosexuality Leads To Bestiality

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

Brian Hagedorn declared victory Wednesday over fellow Appeals Judge Lisa Neubauer in a close race for Wisconsin Supreme Court even as both sides were preparing for a potential recount.

If the result holds, conservatives would likely keep control of the court for at least four years. “We made history,” Hagedorn said in a news conference. “We made history in a significant way and our margin of victory looks to be insurmountable.”

Hagedorn led Neubauer 50.25% to 49.75% with nearly all of Tuesday’s votes unofficially counted — at a margin that allows a recount. The results won’t become official until a canvass of the votes. The Associated Press has not yet declared a victor. Even as Hagedorn claimed victory, Neubauer prepared to seek a recount in the race.

From a January post on JMG:

Hagedorn, who is running for the state Supreme Court, wrote a blog beginning in 2005 in which he addressed readers as “fellow soldiers in the culture wars” while posting sometimes provocative comments on homosexuality and abortion.

For example, Hagedorn twice wrote that a landmark gay rights ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court striking down a Texas anti-sodomy law could lead to the legalization of bestiality, sex with animals, in America. “The idea that homosexual behavior is different than bestiality as a constitutional matter is unjustifiable,” he wrote in October 2005.

That wig.