Trump Denies Paying Ransom To North Korea

CBS News reports:

President Trump said Thursday morning that “no money was paid to North Korea for Otto Warmbier,” after news broke Thursday that North Korean officials handed a U.S. envoy a $2 million bill for the now-late student’s medical bills in 2017.

Mr. Trump has spoken of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with glowing terms since Warmbier’s death, saying Kim sent him “love letters” and praising the North Korean dictator’s leadership skills. In his unsuccessful trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, in February, the president claimed Kim was unaware of Warmbier’s situation, and he took Kim at his word.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nobody on Twitter seems to have heard of a job titled “Cheif hostage negotiator.” Not even correctly spelled. It appears that Trump invented the job and the praising quote.