Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Right Wing Group That Secretly Recorded Planned Parenthood Employees

The Associated Press reports:

The Supreme Court is rejecting an appeal from an anti-abortion group that surreptitiously recorded Planned Parenthood employees. The justices joined lower courts Monday in allowing Planned Parenthood’s racketeering and other claims against the Center for Medical Progress to proceed. Two members of the group also are facing criminal charges in California over the secret recordings. The center says its videos show Planned Parenthood employees illegally selling parts of aborted fetuses.

Reuters reports:

Activist David Daleiden and his group, the Center for Medical Progress, had argued they were exercising their right to free speech under the U.S. Constitution in surreptitiously making the recordings. Planned Parenthood sued Daleiden, the California-based Center for Medical Progress and others in 2016, accusing them of conspiracy and wiretapping violations under federal law, as well as claims under California law for fraudulently gaining access to the conferences.

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