Sarah Sanders Brands Democrats As “Sore Losers” For Wanting Release Of The Full Mueller Report [VIDEO]

The New York Post reports:

President Trump’s spokeswoman on Tuesday ripped ObamaCare and Congressional Democrats for not supporting the president’s agenda and for demanding the release of the special counsel’s full report on Russia.

“We know by the actions that we have seen from Nadler and other Democrats in Congress is that the president’s right. They will never be satisfied. They’re sore losers,” she said.

“They lost in 2016. They lost because they tried to convince all of America of something that we all knew was untrue, that the president had colluded with Russia. It was a total lie then. It’s a total lie now. And they continue to lose on this issue. At some point, they have to decide they’re ready to move on like the rest of the country,” said Sanders.