REPORT: Biden Films Spanish-Language Campaign Ad

Politico reports:

In the run-up to his expected presidential campaign announcement, former Vice President Joe Biden’s supporters cut a Spanish-language ad in South Florida over the weekend emphasizing healthcare, education and his biography. The Saturday film shoot was a hushed affair — paid local actors signed non-disclosure agreements promising not to discuss the job. But some posted images on social media of the Fort Lauderdale commercial anyway, prompting a flurry of emails warning of legal exposure and requesting that those involved delete any images of the shoot and not talk to the media about it.

Vanity Fair reports:

It’s not clear whether Biden’s campaign or American Possibilities committee is behind the commercial, or if it’s the work of an outside PAC. But the bungled shoot marks just the latest in a string of hiccups for the Biden campaign even before it officially kicks off, from the controversy over the former V.P.’s touchy-feely behavior with women—and initial jokes and non-apology—to Biden’s loose lips over his presumed run, saying at a March fundraising event that he has “the most progressive record for anybody running” before quickly correcting his phrasing to “of anyone who would run.”