Rep. Adam Schiff To Bill Maher: The Only Way To Deal With Trump Is To “Vote His Ass Out Of Office” [VIDEO]

“I’m not there yet on impeachment. I may get there, he may get me there. But here’s the awful dilemma that we face: if we don’t impeach him, that sends a message that this kind of conduct, this obstruction of justice, this kind of willing use of the help of a foreign adversary, all the lies and cover up, that this is non-impeachable.

“At the same time, if we do impeach him and he is acquitted as he would likely be acquitted, then the message is ‘those are not impeachable offenses.’ At the end of the day Bill, there is only one way to deal with this problem, whether we impeach him or not, and that is to vote his ass out of office.” – House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, last night on Bill Maher’s show.