Mayor Pete’s Accuser Tells All: Jacob Wohl Promised To Buy Me A House, Threatened Me When I Got Cold Feet

Hunter Kelly, the Michigan college student at the center of the instantly debunked sexual assault claim against Mayor Pete, says today that he was flown to Washington DC by fraudsters Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, where he was promised a house and then intimidated when he got cold feet and tried to back out.

Kelly said he expressed concerns about the scheme but Wohl told him to sleep on it. When Kelly woke at around 11 in the morning, Wohl “was already dressed in a suit because he ‘can’t do a Monday if he isn’t in a suit’” and—of more significance—the fabricated statement had been posted to Medium, along with fake Twitter and gmail accounts in Kelly’s name.

According to Kelly, Burkman tried to calm his nerves by claiming that he was a “‘star’ and people are eating me up.” The trio, according to Kelly, ate Subway sandwiches, during which Kelly continued to express his regrets. Burkman and Wohl tried to calm him down by promising to purchase “any house I wanted” and insisting that his family would “get over it.”

The two had plans for Kelly to follow up his initial accusations against Buttigieg with a press conference but they needed Kelly to sign off on the script. Kelly said that, at this point, the duo turned to intimidation, telling him that backing out and leaving was “not an option.”

Burkman is claiming that the scheme was all Kelly’s idea. Kelly, who is NOT a completely innocent party here, says he’s sent an apologetic email to the Buttigieg campaign, no doubt in an attempt to mitigate a defamation lawsuit. Hit the link for much more. Jacob Wohl was trending at #1 on Twitter from last night through this morning.