Mayor Pete’s A Big Star In His Father’s Homeland Malta

The Daily Beast reports:

There is a popular saying in Maltese that goes something like this: Tixtrix hut fil-bahar, or “don’t pay for the fish while they are still in the sea.” But on the tiny European island, the Maltese are already making plans for what they will do if their favorite son’s son, Pete Buttigieg, is elected as the next U.S. president. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has even officially endorsed Buttigieg’s candidacy and has said he is proud to call him a friend.

“We will hold a parade for sure,” Maria Cutajar, a local florist, told The Daily Beast when asked what it would mean if he won. “It would be amazing to have a Maltese in the White House.” Five of the eight aunts and uncles of ‘Mayor Pete’ still live on the island of Malta, where locals say the famous nephew has visited many times. There are numerous tourism websites that now show pictures of the Democratic hopeful on sunny beaches and superimposed in restaurants.

The above-linked article notes that Mayor Pete’s sexuality is of little concern in Malta, which in 2015 was ranked best in Europe on LGBT rights. In 2016 Malta became to the first European nation to ban ex-gay torture. The article also points out that Buttigieg is one of the most common surnames in Malta, dating back to the Middle Ages. Hit the link for more.