Mayor Pete Joins Striking Workers On Picket Line

Boston’s ABC affiliate reports:

For the second time, a presidential hopeful joined striking Stop & Shop workers on the picket line. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, of South Bend, Indiana, visited with members of the United Food and Commercial Workers union Friday afternoon in Malden.

“This largest private sector labor action strike in three years is sending a message that is going to ripple out far beyond New England. And the message is that companies have to do right by their workers,” Buttigieg said. His visit comes a day after former Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the union employees in Dorchester.

“When you talk to the workers, this is not about them making a really aggressive ask and being beaten back. This is about a sense of erosion, a sense of being chipped away at in terms of benefits that they have counted on for their lives,” Buttigieg said.