Ingraham Wonders If MLK Would Have Backed Trump

“Resentment, anger, division, and alienation. And these Democrats don’t even acknowledge obvious gains, but you know why they won’t? Because to do so would affirm that Trump’s policies are working. Can’t have that. Watching and listening to this Democrat field kowtow to Al Sharpton makes it seem like America didn’t even elect, and then re-elect it’s first black president. But for the hardcore racial rabble-rousers, Obama’s victories, remember, they were just baby steps.

“What they want now is full-on income confiscation meant to enforce equal outcomes, if not equal opportunity. Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I was thinking, like, if he were alive today I wonder what he’d think about such dismissive comments. And about a Democrat Party that believes it can regain power by living in a constant state of protest, or racial hatred, and denial.” – Laura Ingraham, last night.