Illinois Senate Approves Bill Mandating Release Of Five Years Of Taxes In Order To Appear On Presidential Ballot

Chicago’s WBEZ reports:

The Democratic-led Illinois Senate voted Thursday to compel President Trump to release five years’ worth of his personal income tax returns or be barred from appearing on the state’s presidential ballot next year.

The state is joining a movement of other Democratic states that aims to force the president to open up his personal finances by releasing his tax returns, something he stubbornly has refused to do and reiterated again this week.

During contentious floor debate in the Illinois statehouse, Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned once by the legislation’s sponsor, state Sen. Tony Munoz, a Chicago Democrat who insisted he merely is trying to shed more transparency on the presidential campaign.

The bill now moves to the Illinois House, which also has a Democratic majority. Similar bills are in progress in several other states.