Hugh Hewitt: The 2020 Election Isn’t Going To Be Close

Hugh Hewitt writes for the Washington Post:

The 2020 election isn’t going to be close. This will come as news to #Resistance liberals, who are certain Trump will lose, because they dislike him so much.

They still haven’t figured out that 40 percent of the country love him and at least another 10 percent are very much committed to considering the alternative in comparison to Trump, not reflexively voting against him. That decile is doing very well in this economy.

Unemployment remains incredibly low. The markets are soaring. That’s not a given for the fall of 2020, but better to be soaring than falling 18 months out.

Once a so-called Never Trumper, Hewitt reversed in mid-2016:

What changed his mind? Trump’s speeches on Friday and Monday, addressing religious liberty at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference and responding to the Orlando, Florida, attack, respectively.

Hewitt wrote that Trump “has returned to a winning message and walled off the assorted ‘never Trump’ holdouts trying to upend his nomination.”

Hewitt’s endorsement comes after Trump, in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, repeatedly insinuated that President Barack Obama supports terrorism.