Hillary Clinton Connects MAGA To White Nationalists

Hillary Clinton this morning tweeted a link to a Huffington Post article, noting, “The white nationalists certainly think MAGA is a white nationalist slogan.”

From the article:

Alexandre Bissonette wore the hat. A Canadian, Bissonette hadn’t voted for Donald Trump. He lived in a French-speaking province, far from the U.S. president’s campaign rallies and “America first” appeals.

But some of the first photos to emerge of the 27-year-old after he stormed a Quebec City mosque and killed six Muslim men in January 2017 showed him wide-eyed with a slight smirk and a red “Make America Great Again” cap casting a shadow over his pallid face.

“Make America Great Again” has become more than a U.S. political slogan. For Bissonette and other white nationalist, radical right and anti-immigrant extremists all over the world, it’s a symbol; a kind of political messaging that transcends the specifics of country and language.

Read the full article and prepare for a massive attack on Clinton for her completely factual tweet.