Herman Cain Calls Senate Critics “A Bunch Of Yahoos”

The Kansas City Star reports:

Herman Cain, whose prospects for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors have grown shaky before President Donald Trump even nominates him, likely gave his detractors in the U.S. Senate more reason to oppose his confirmation with comments at a University of Kansas lecture Wednesday night.

He described the Senate Banking Committee, which would vet him if he were nominated, “as a bunch of yahoos.” He compared the right to health care to the right to own a Cadillac, and said God would decide when it was time to stop using fossil fuels.

“When God is ready for us not to have fossil fuels, he’ll find a way,” the former Godfather Pizza CEO told the audience at the Vickers Lecture Series at School of Business. Cain also likened himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, and said: “You reach a point in your successful career where making more money isn’t inspiring enough.”