FLORIDA: GOP #QAnon Follower To Run For Congress

Florida Politics reports:

If U.S. Rep. Al Lawson hopes to represent Florida’s 5th Congressional District again, the second-term Democrat will now have to dispatch a Republican. But not just any Republican; Lawson’s new GOP opponent is sympathetic to QAnon populist far-right conspiracies.

Matthew Lusk, a bookseller from Macclenny, will be the latest competitor for Lawson, who has yet to encounter a close election since capsizing Rep. Corrine Brown in the 2016 primary. “I belong to no secret societies or clubs, Q is one of my issues because it’s definitely a leak from high places,” Lusk said. “I follow Q, but I don’t know who or what Q is.”

The Daily Beast reports:

Lusk told The Daily Beast that he’s not a “brainwashed cult member.” Still, he thinks the online posts that have made up QAnon since October 2017 are a “legitimate something.” He said he treats posts from “Q,” the person or group of people behind QAnon, like a news source similar to CNN or Fox News.

Q, Lusk wrote, has “very articulate screening of past events, a very articulate screening of present conditions, and a somewhat prophetic divination of where the political and geopolitical ball will be bouncing next.”