Flight Attendants Union Warns That Climate Change Is Spawning Increased Incidents Of “Extreme Turbulence”

Sara Nelson, president of the 50,000 member International Association of Flight Attendants, writes for Vox:

“Pretty much everyone on the plane threw up” is not a sentence most travelers want to hear. But that’s a direct quote from the pilots’ report after United Express Flight 3833 operated by Air Wisconsin hit extreme turbulence on approach to Washington, DC, in 2018.

Extreme turbulence is on the rise around the world. It isn’t just nauseating or scary — it’s dangerous. Severe turbulence is becoming more frequent and intense due in part to climate change.

Research indicates that rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere cause disruptions to the jet streams and create dangerous wind shears that greatly increase turbulence, especially at moderate latitudes where the majority of air travel occurs.

Hit the link and read the full essay. Or maybe don’t if you’re flying anytime soon.