FBI Thwarts Alleged Plot To “Reenact” NZ Shooting

The Huffington Post reports:

FBI agents arrested a 22-year-old white supremacist who managed an extremist Facebook group and was evidently plotting a terrorist attack against Muslims with his cousin.

Federal authorities have charged New York resident Thomas Alonzo Bolin with lying to the FBI about possessing a weapon. He appears to have first come under federal scrutiny after his cousin Austin Witkowski used Facebook to call for a re-enactment in the United States of the terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Bolin, authorities allege, identified as a “Folk Odinist” and used a Facebook account under the name Peter Vincent to join multiple white supremacist Facebook groups. The feds say Bolin managed a Facebook group called Odin’s Warriors and had discussions about the Christchurch terrorist attack with his cousin Witkowski.

ABC News reports:

Records obtained by the FBI linked Bolin’s Facebook account to multiple white supremacy organizations online, including groups founded by former KKK leader in Alabama.

He posted statements, photos and memes to his page using racial and ethnic slurs to refer to Muslim, Jewish and people of African descent, saying heterosexual white males need to “fight back.”

Bolin also posted photographs of himself to the Peter Vincent Facebook page with multiple handguns. He “further indicated that he was willing to ‘do something as of next week’ in Baltimore, Maryland” and “encouraged another individual to buy firearms and ammunition, and food.”